About Me


You only go around once, be fierce. Since I am a hot-blooded Italian American from Long Island, fierce is in my blood. Teach yourself how to surf in the middle of earning a Ph.D. and be the professor who rolls up to class with a surfboard on their car. Teach yourself how to drive a manual transmission at the ripe old age of 35 so you can pull a Fast and Furious in the turbo powered Mini of your dreams. Hike through the English moors with only a paper map in search of the Hound of the Baskervilles and Wuthering Heights.  Move to Florence to study Dante’s Italian. These are the good times.  This one life should be lived with intention because tomorrow is not promised.


I started this blog to share my adventures in seeking along the way.  This blog is written for anyone who will not settle for the status quo and for the other thinkers out there who have ever been so bold as to take the difficult path less traveled.


Seek adventure in the everyday through the eyes of a wayward historian who has a healthy dose of wanderlust and enjoys an inspired trip down memory lane. From farmers markets and plant-passionate eating, to minimalism and environmentalism, from feminism to all things Italian, these are some of the many things that I love. This one life is a sojourn and I raise a frosty negroni to bravery, overcoming fear of the unknown, to seeking simplicity everyday, and to boldly living life like you mean it.